Year in review 2015-16

Foresight VIP and Golden High School student Gage summed up the ski season this year when he declared on the slopes, “let’s get busy!”

It was a busy season for Foresight’s outreach along the Front Range, @VailMtn and through fundraising efforts.

Foresight — celebrating its 15th season — raised more than $9,500 with Whole Foods and expanded its youth programs for students ages 7-19 at local Front Range school districts.

Through 15 seasons of growth, Foresight has continued to meet the demands of its Visually Impaired Participants (VIPs) and maintain the nonprofit’s mission.

“As Foresight is moving forward and expanding its reach, it continues its most important goal to make challenge recreation affordable and accessible to the visually impaired,” Davis said.

Foresight kept its momentum this season, serving blind students from schools in Denver, Jefferson, Aurora, and Douglas counties and increasing student skier days by 25 percent over last season.

Students like Gage impressed his TVI (teacher for the visually impaired) with his success through Foresight. This was Gage’s last year returning to Foresight through @jeffcoschools and he needed to pick up right where he left off.

By the second day at Vail, Gage was turning with ease with his guide Bill “Murph” Murphy and clapping his hands with each word of encouragement.

Foresight looks forward to Gage returning as an adult VIP next season so he can show off the skills he learned with Murph.

The school districts are proponents of the social experience the kids enjoy during their ski days.

“It’s a chance for them to be together with other visually impaired students from the district,” said Shelley Moats,TVI with Douglas County school district (@dcsdk12). “Each time we go, the kids can’t stop talking about it and constantly ask ‘when are we going back?’”

This season, Foresight also welcomed back students from the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind in Colorado Springs. The nonprofit looks forward to continuing to bring these VIPs to Vail next season.

Foresight topped off its season this April when the nonprofit was chosen as the recipient of “Whole Foods 5 % Day” at two stores in the Denver area. Foresight received 5 percent of the total pretax sales totaling $9,578 during one day at the Cherry Creek and Glendale stores.

Foresight was there cheering on the Whole Foods employees while they helped promote Foresight’s cause.

“We were thrilled Whole Foods recognized that Foresight’s blind skier program promotes their initiatives to make health a priority and make communities strong,” Foresight founder Mark G. Davis said.

Foresight will spend the summer continuing to promote the important work it does for the visually impaired community and we’ll “get busy” for next season.

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